What Are Some Popular Types of Casters?

Casters are things that most people see every day of their lives. They are so common that they get ignored until they are no longer working as they should. A caster is a wheel combined with some bearings, fork, axle and some nuts. There are certain casters that have a few more parts than this. There are typically four different categories that casters can be placed in. You need to be certain which type of caster you require before you start forking over cash. Learning what makes each category of casters unique will enable you to choose some casters that will not stop working while you are using them. You will also have an easier time finding swivel casters or any other variety that you happen to need. Here are the most common types of casters that you will come across.


  1. Mounting casters


A mounting caster will be able to swivel or stay stationary. They consist of a rig or fork and a wheel assembly. The caster’s top side will have a plate made of metal that is connected to it. These casters are typically employed when a person needs to move some items that weigh quite a few pounds. The reason for this is very simple. Mounting casters are much stronger than the vast majority of stem-mounted casters that can be found on the market. Therefore, they are less likely to collapse under the weight of the items being carried.


  1. Bearing casters


You will find a good selection of bearing casters that are currently available on the market. There are certain tasks that each one of these bearing casters will be able to perform perfectly. For example, a bearing that is made of bronze will be able to withstand very high or low temperatures. It will also be able to keep performing well in high levels of humidity. Bronze bearings do not corrode easily. An annular ball bearing is made up of machined and hardened raceways. This enables it to roll very smoothly despite rough floor conditions where it is being used. However, it will perform better if the items being carried are not very heavy.


  1. Rig casters


A plate has a swivel rig mounted on top of it to create a rig caster. This particular type of caster utilizes a sealed precision-ball. The main thrust bearing gets the brunt of the weight when a rig caster is used. Therefore, the weight that is being carried gets spread in an even fashion so there is no area that receives too much stress. This is a huge benefit because it will help with the reduction of the force that is needed to move the load. Rig casters can be connected to lines and used to tow various objects that need to be moved.


  1. Wheel casters


Cast iron is used to make the vast majority of wheel casters. A person does not require much force to start these casters rolling. They are known for their incredible durability. They can be used for an extended amount of time before they need to be replaced. For example, plate casters will not be able to withstand the amount of punishment that wheel casters are capable of taking. Extremely high temperatures can easily be absorbed by casters.


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